Death of Sir Henry Gurney, Oct.6th.1951

Text of telegram from Sir M.V.del Tufo,Chief Secretary,Federation of Malaya Govt. to Mr.Griffiths,Secretary of State for the Colonies. "The High Commissioner's car with Sir Henry and Lady Gurney in the back of the car and the Private Secretary (D.J.Staples) in front with a Malay driver was proceeding to Fraser's Hill escorted by one Land Rover and one armoured scout car. A Police wireless van,which was also part of the convoy,unfortunately had broken down about eight miles short of the ambush position. Party was ambushed at 1.15pm about two miles short of the Gap. Driver of the car was hit in the head on the first outburst of fire. Private Secretary managed to stop the car from falling over the edge of a precipitous slope on the left of the road and brought it to a standstill. Heavy automatic fire* was directed from the right and rear both against the High Commissioner's car and the Land Rover after first burst of fire. Gurney opened the door of the car and stepped out and was immediately shot down by heavy automatic fire.* Scout car drove up behind and with difficulty pushed past the High Commissioner's car to fetch help from the Gap police station. Intermittent fire continued at any sight of movement for about ten minutes,at the end of which a bugle was blown and the bandits withdrew. Lady Gurney and the Private Secretary remained in the car until the firing eased when they crawled out and found Gurney's body in the ditch on the right side of the road. Officer in charge of the Scout car returned about twenty minutes later on foot with reinforcments from the Gap Police station,bandits having felled a tree across the road above the site of the ambush. Armoured vehicles from Kuala Kubu arrived on the scene about 2.15pm and engage in follow up operations. Hogan (M.J.P.Hogan,Attorney General,FofM 1950-55) and wife were following the High Commissioner's party in their own car and were about half a mile behind at the time of the ambush. They stopped when they heard firing in front. After a few minutes the telecommunication van (which had been passed by the High Commissiner's party ) appeared from the opposite direction and it was possible to tap the overhead telephone wires and communicate with Kuala Kubu. Ambush position was some half mile long and clearly carefully prepared. Estimated size of bandit party was 20. Full investigation into the circumstances is being made".
* High Commissioner 1948-51
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* In a letter to the New Straits Times dated 30th.Nov.1999, D.C.Alfred wrote "the ambush party comprised 38 armed with three Bren Guns,Stenguns and rifles from 11th.Regiment Malayan Races Liberation Army and were led by Sui Mah who was subsequently killed by his own men near Ipoh in March,1959.